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BlockQA is a blockchain based user-driven web platform focused on delivering an ecosystem where users can ask questions and quickly receive answers. The platform is comparable to a site like Quora but with a key differentiator; the platform drives content quality and user engagement by incentivizing users with the integration of cryptocurrency. Users on BlockQA are directly rewarded with cryptocurrency for strong content creation. The system incentivizes the creation of both great questions and great answers by curating through the value layer.

Quora platform

Quora: users can ask questions and quickly receive answers

Situation Analysis

Blockchain technology pushes industry boundaries; it moves fast, innovates even faster, and is ever evolving. As a result, there are a lot of platforms in the space. This is the nature of open source technology and one of the strongest aspects of the ecosystem. But, it can often lead to confusion and questions about whether ideas are feasible, usable, or meant for blockchain technology. BlockQA had a fantastic idea but the team was at a stage where they weren’t sure if the idea was right for blockchain.  And, if it was right, there were a lot of questions about which platform would work best. BlockQA was in a position where a knowledge gap was directly preventing their project’s forward momentum.



AlliedBlock engaged BlockQA on a consultation basis helping them step through their product definition stage and validate whether blockchain technology was right for their concept. Upon validation, AlliedBlock vetted the current technologies and delivered recommendations on the best blockchain technology for BlockQA to utilize for development.


After fully vetting out the project and its required feature set, the recommendation delivered was to utilize Steem to power the backend of the BlockQA concept, instead of creating its own token system. Steem fit the bill nicely because it was designed for social media with 0 transaction fees, and a large existing user base.


After stepping through the consultation process, BlockQA had a solid picture of 1) what their concept structure looked like from a feature and user story perspective, 2) whether that concept would benefit from blockchain technology, and 3) what blockchain to integrate. The team was set up to continue forward on their project after successfully moving over the gap they were facing.


steem dapp blocchain
steemit blockchain platform

Steemit has built-in reward system on their social platform in the form of Steem Cryptocurrency


BlockQA users have the full benefit set of the Steem blockchain. The content they create, the questions they ask, the answers they give are all rewarded directly with Steem. Content is curated by the users pushing quality answers to the top and focusing the platform on delivering great answers to tough questions. In addition, content can be crosspollinated from BlockQAs platform directly to Steemit further tapping into the Steem user base to help organically grow users right from the outset.


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