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Software Engineering


Customer Profile

ACELynk is an open secure web-enabled, Cloud-based service that allows filing and managing Customs entries for border, air and vessel shipments. It enables filers to submit entries through a web interface or electronically through API (Application Program Interface).


Situation Analysis

The United States imports roughly $ 2 trillion in goods through its borders. Most of the documentation associated with this trade is filed manually. The US Custom’s department offers brokers to file this information electronically. However, a stringent and complicated certification process means only about 18 companies in all of the US are certified for this submission. To make matters worse, during the last 10 years, US import regulations have changed a great deal. There have been many factors which contributed to the increased complexity of the procedures that importers and brokers have to undergo, which include.

  • The threat of terrorism after the tragic incident of 9/11 attacks.

  • More frequent changes in the US Customs regulations than ever before.

  • Increased complexity of the forms submitted by importers and brokers to the US Customs.

  • The inclusion of many new categories which further complicated the filing procedure that needed to be completed


ACELynk aimed to become the premier cloud services provider for Custom’s submissions by integrating their cloud-hosted front end (AceLynk) with US Customs’ Automated Commercial System (ACS).

Supply chain project


Our developers connected the AceLynk (ASP.NET) front end to the IBM Mainframes running the ACS system. Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 was used to parse messages, transform them into ABI/ACS requirements formats and to transmit the messages in a reliable and secure manner. The web application is ported to the cloud using Microsoft Azure services enabling a cost-effective, flexible, reliable and scalable front-end for the application.

The company has plans to offer the integration services as third-party cloud services.



  • Fewer errors while filing, faster turn-around

  • Scalability to increased volumes of traffic and diversity of broker interfaces across the world

  • Cost effective delivery is driven 95% offshore

Technology Used

  • Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010

  • Microsoft Azure

  • ASP.NET 4.0, JQuery

  • Customs Automated Broker Interface, Automated Commercial System

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