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Optimized solutions for your team


The blockchain space is evolving at hyper speed. There are a multitude of blockchain protocols both permissioned and permissionless and the growth is only increasing.


It’s difficult to stay on top of it all. This fast paced growth makes it difficult for companies to find skilled development resources. We help teams bridge the gap by supplementing their already existing development teams with tailored resources that bring the skills, mindset, and cultural fit they need to take projects to the next level. We work across team size and engagement length and tailor resource allocations to fit the unique needs of the company.


Our resource pool is made up of developers across the globe with skill sets across an eclectic mix of technology stacks. We have significant experience in both blockchain and the tangential technologies required to develop amazing blockchain products.


If your existing development team needs additional horsepower or a particular skill set, we’re here to seamlessly fill the role and overcome any obstacles on the path to success.

Blockchain resource allocation


Resource disciplines



Blockchain developmnt

Our team has an eclectic mix of development skills that can be utilized with the flexibility to scale up and down as the project demands. Skills range for blockchain protocols Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Corda to core languages like java, javascript, node.js, react native, python, angular, golang, C++ and more.

Our resource pool  has the capacity to provide teams with project management resources to help facilitate this side of the build process. All our PMs are trained in running projects through a scrum structured sprint process with deliverables and review at each sprint close.


Blockchain quaity assurance


Our team can supplement your QA efforts by adding more resources for manual testing or for larger projects we can deliver automated testing solutions to help teams through the QA process.

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