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Don't miss out on the value blockchain brings

Blockchain Investigative Deep Dives for your Business

Blockchain is a growing industry that has the potential to fundamentally disrupt traditional business models across many industries. We offer consultation services to help your company understand the potential of blockchain’s immense value from both a technical and business perspective. We focus on working with you and your team to understand the real world problems you face and focus our consultation around finding applicable value-add use cases for blockchain in your unique business.


Tailored Enterprise Sessions:


  • Blockchain fundamentals and vertical SWOT Analysis   

  • Explore various blockchain types and how they fit in your business

  • Evaluate benefits, costs, and risks of using Blockchain

  • Evaluation of use cases in your Industry

  • Work with the team directly to do a Deep Dive Exploration of Blockchain Application(s) for your Company  

  • Overall POC Recommendations

blockchain enterprise consultation

Our Focus Verticals:

blockchain real estate

Real Estate

Synopsis: Documentation in the Real Estate space is often difficult to track with archaic record keeping systems still in place in much of the industry. Blockchain is looking to bring these systems into the light providing solutions for immutable records of estate tiles and land records helping to bring new paradigms of trust and efficiency to the industry.

blockchain healthcare


Synopsis: Patient records and overall information interoperability is a challenge in the healthcare space today. It’s very difficult for patients to transfer their records across care providers. Blockchain solutions are being created to help alleviate these issues with permissioned immutable trusted ledgers allowing for instantaneous interchange of patient record updates across a consortia of health providers.

blockchain supply chain

Supply Chain

Synopsis: Supply chains are complex systems with multiple stakeholders and often times these stakeholders struggle to communicate efficiently and effectively. Blockchain solutions in the space are focused on bringing transparency to the system allowing for instantaneous communication among participants and a clear concise view of the product as it progresses through each step of the supply chain.

blockchain government


Synopsis: There’s a multitude of use cases for blockchain to help create more streamlined user friendly processes in dealing with governmental bodies. One of the most talked about today is blockchain in voting. New solutions are being created that eliminate fraud and allow citizens to vote from their own homes; two big value adds compared to our current ballot boxes.

blockchain banking


Synopsis: Financial institutions were among the earliest adopters of blockchain technology. The systems that blockchain created helped banks to streamline processes that had been in place for many years, reducing costs and cutting out now unrequired middle layers. Financial institutions continue to push the technology forward finding more ways to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

blockchain insurance


Synopsis: The insurance industry with its multitude of contract layers serves as a great vertical for use case exploration for blockchain. There are solutions being built to help increase accuracy and speed of claims settlements and underwriting practices as well as add a layer of trust to reduce fraud in all forms.

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